To Mother with Andrea Hope

Ayyam-i-Ha (9 Gift Ideas)

February 06, 2021 Season 1 Episode 37
To Mother with Andrea Hope
Ayyam-i-Ha (9 Gift Ideas)
Show Notes

Ep. 37: Baha'i mom and poet Andrea Hope discusses the Baha'i festival of Ayyam-i-Ha and gives 9 gift ideas that promote service, quality time with family and nearness to God. 

The resources for this episode are as follows:

Baha'i quote

Living the Life:
9. Books (Maggie Celebrates Ayyam-i-Ha, During Ayyam-i-Ha: How We Celebrate, Ayyam-i-Ha in My Family) 
8. Cards/Art Prints to give like Valentine's gifts 
7. Puzzles
6. Decorations
5. Prayer-related gifts
4. Make a calendar
3. Theatre gifts
2. Cooking/Baking gifts
1. Art Gifts

All Done Monkey Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide

The Ayyam-i-Ha Song by William Sears and the Ayyam-i-Ha kids

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Facebook: @tomotherwithandreahope