To Mother with Andrea Hope

Ep 50 - Nineteen Day Feast

October 03, 2021 Season 1
To Mother with Andrea Hope
Ep 50 - Nineteen Day Feast
Show Notes

Baha'i mom and poet Andrea Hope shares ideas for having children contribute to Baha'i Feasts.

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How often have well-organized Bahá’í children’s classes given parents, even those who are not Bahá’ís, the incentive to learn more and study more deeply the Teachings of the Faith! How often have the children, through their songs and recitation of prayers during Feasts and at other gatherings of the friends, added luster and inspiration to the program and created a true sense of belonging to the community in the hearts of those present! How many are the children who have grown into active and enkindled youth, and later into wholly dedicated adults, energetically supporting the work of the Cause and advancing its vital interests! 25 May 1975 from the Universal House of Justice

Living the Life: Have Children Contribute to Feast

Resource: Mine Rich in Gems - 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids 

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